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10 Best Antioxidant Supplements - 2022

Fountain of life, powerful antioxidant

Keeping the body nutritionally balanced is the key ingredient to staying healthy.

Since including all the vitamins and essentials in our diets isn’t always possible, we can now rely on antioxidant supplements to do the job for us.

Selecting the right antioxidants comes down to understanding your body’s specific needs. While some options give a general range of nutrients in their offerings, there are also products, which focus on addressing a specific nutritional deficiencies.

We have compiled a list of 10 best antioxidant supplements so you don’t have to do this time consuming research.

1/ Fountain Of Life Drops

Made of 100% natural ingredient, lignans from norwegian spruce also called Picea Abies, GMO free and suitable for vegans, this powerful antioxidant boosts immunity and metabolism, improves hair, prostate and heart health and helps DNA.

Lignans are our best source for dietary antioxidants. These plant nutrients neutralize the impact of free radicals on our body. The highest quality of lignans have been discovered in the Norwegian spruce tree. Health professionals recommend an increase in foods containing lignans.

Since its introduction over 150,000 people have used Fountain of Life in over 100 countries with no reported incidences. Incredibly safe, there is NO toxicity level established.

Fountain of Life is a functional food and NOT a drug as it replaces the lignans that have been processed out of our diets.

2/ Thorne Research - Anti-Oxidant

A general supplement, this formula contains Vitamins A, C and E in addition to Selenium and Zinc. It also contains ingredients which help detoxify the liver. It’s suitable for vegetarians.

3/ NOW Supplements, Super Antioxidant with Herbal Extracts

This herbal formula contains nutrients and detoxifying agents like ALA, Green Tea Extracts, Curcuminoids etc. It’s suitable for vegans.

4/ Puritan's Pride Lycopene 

This formula contains lycopene and is a good choice for boosting your prostate and heart health. It’s gluten-free but not suitable for vegetarians.

5/ Onnit ViruTech: Antioxidant Formula

Containing Vitamin C, Zinc and Selenium, this formula helps boost the immune system. It also helps improve neurological health aspects like memory. It is suitable for vegans.

6/ Nutricost Alpha Lipoic Acid

Focused on providing the body with the right amount of ALA, this formula helps reduce damage to the nerves. It is suitable for vegetarians.

7/ Qunol Ultra CoQ10 100mg

Focused on normalizing CoQ10 levels in the body, this formula helps support heart health. It is not suitable for vegetarians.

8/ AMRAP Nutrition - Super Berries

With a formula that contains the detoxifying benefits of multiple types of berries, this powder supplement helps boost the immune system. It is organic, GMO free and helps reduce stress from workout.

9/ Nature's Way Natural Beta Carotene

A formula that prevents cell and DNA damage, this supplement also helps boost liver health. It is not suitable for vegetarians.

10/ Solgar – Formula VM-75

A formula that prevents cell and DNA damage, this supplement also helps boost liver health. It is not suitable for vegetarians.


These 10 recommendations cover different types of supplements available in the market. Since some boost health in general and others are more focused, it is best to give the ingredients a study before opting for any one supplement.

Our personal favourite is Fountain of Life Drops. It is natural and contains both vitamins and major antioxidants, which helps us stay nutritionally balanced and is great for boosting immunity. It is also suitable for vegans and alcohol free which makes it easy to consume for most people.

If you are looking for an antioxidant to improve multiple health aspects, do checkout and try Fountain of Life Drops! It is a definite recommendation.

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